this is what goes through my mind when i get lost in your eyes that aren’t looking at me 
Nasty Habit


and as we lay
sheets allow
one leg
of hers to
hang out

the moon
allows me
to see

a cigarette
lays lit on
the nightstand

what a nasty
I think to

proceeding to wrap
my body with

what a nasty
I think again

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  Laura Gee
Weekly Weather Forecast for – September 15th to September 21st


MONDAY: 90% chance you will hear his name on the news, but you will not flinch this time. You will not look around the corner to see if it is him this time.

TUESDAY: Thunderstorms outside the grocery store and in the produce sections and all the peaches will be bad.


Your legs are a melody my hands
Would like to play
And your hips are a note
That does take me away

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my chopsticks know i’m white
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slay skeleton
For too damn long, I’ve apologized to the men I’ve loved, for not being THAT pretty. For not being THAT skinny. For not being THIS, for not being THAT. I’ve said, “I’m sorry I’m not good enough.” Since the age of thirteen, like I say my name, it’s become the default of the question, “who are you?” I am so tired of beating myself up, tearing myself down. My body is not a goddamn temple, it’s the house I grew up in, and I don’t know why I keep trying to burn it down. i.c. // "Fire vs. Fire" (via delicatepoetry)

(via delicatepoetry)