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Word of advice

Don’t punch concrete

I hardly eat anymore
It’s not on purpose either
It’s either I forget or I just don’t want anything

I’m a bitter bitch because I don’t let anyone really love me.

Soccer is my escape, my therapy. I can let out all my feelings kicking and shoving. For a good couple hours I’m not fighting myself.

I hate you because you made me feel something when I didn’t want to feel anything

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Don’t get me wrong I still love Jennifer.
But she needs to pay attention more. I feel like she and others were being rude at the press questions after the SAG awards. Listen. I mean you’re a big sensation you need to answer questions. Just do it. I feel like some of its a joke to her. She just needs to grow up a bit. I’m blaming the alcohol. I still love her though.

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Really though




i used to write stories but i haven’t done that in a while

now i write what i feel but i decorate it so its like a diary entry but it isn’t

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Halal in the streets
Haram in the sheets